Quality procedure

The accomplishment of Faci Europe spa quality procedure, articulated on the showed organization chart, starts from the supplier class, and according to this the managers work following different and specified regulations.

Suppliers are classified in three groups A-B-C: terms regarding the carring out, tipology and frequency of controls follow this classification, and the passage from class A to class C shows a progressive extension of the inspection practice.

In the A class there are all co-productions. Each partner must follow an homologated quality service and supervised by a neutral body, while the technical staff of Faci Europe spa has the task to collaborate with the managers of the relative plant for all the quality subjects. If necessary, they can do advance inspections at the plant before forwarding the product in Italy.

The A class includes also Companies with which Faci Europe spa works as sole agent. The principles used by Faci Europe spa for the acceptance of these contracts are the same above explained for the co-productions.

Whatever the classification of the supplier is, each lot of material in entrance must have the required certifications, imperative conditions to carry out inspection. The absence of the agreed technical documentation, even if is a formal anomaly, as surmountable with requirements of urgent despatch, imposes the storage of goods in the setting aside area.

A number of stock is applied to each accepted and tested lot of material and the lot is placed in the warehouse with this mark. To this number all the relative documents are referred, also the administrative ones, as well as the necessary memorizations for the management of the stock and the issue of certifications to customers.

For home productions, subject to the same identification procedure, supervises the quality manager. Another task of this manager is to check the respect of all the prescriptions exposed in the special manual pointing out to the technical management possible deficiencies or opportunities of new adjustments. For the whole of these duties, the quality manager can delegate some interventions to the company of technical assistance as control body.

All the material in entrance is received with the explicit reserve of control of the weight and quality correspondence. Any difference, of any order or nature, is submitted to technical management that, after having set aside the lot can require the intervention of the already mentioned assistance company, also as adverse party of possible organs delegated by the supplier.

Since 2003 Faci Europe spa has been certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 for which the original certificate is available in pdf format.

To make easier any contacts necessary to clarify what above, here are the names of the managers of the internal quality procedure:

Quality and Technical Manager: Dott. Lamberto Cattaneo

Head of data processing: Dr Macchi

Factory’s head: Mr Pistore

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