Correctives for foundry

Corrective products for foundry from Faci Europe spa

Fe-silicon-magnesium alloys
Fe-Si-Mg-rare earths alloys
nickel-magnesium alloys

calcined anthracite


calcined petroleum coke

deoxidizers for superalloy

fe-si for inoculation

flowing products

graphitic carburizers

Ba-manganese inoculants
calcium-zirconium inoculants
chrome inoculants
graphite inoculants
high barium inoculants
inoculants on stream
inoculants proportioned for mould
lanthanium inoculants
medium Ba inoculants Barotin
Mn-zirconium inoculants
rare earths bismuth inoculants
rare earths inoculants
Si-Ba inoculants Fersil
strontium inoculants
titanium inoculants


cored wire nodularisers
nodularisers in mold

cast iron pre-conditioners

nucleation products Colin

Protel for rotary furnaces

rare earth to fight the trace elements

slag removals

calcium silicides
rare earths silicides

silicon carbide

sulphurizing products

corrective cored wires
cored wires for spheroidal

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