In 1959 FACI SRL born in Milan. The founders worked in the Cornaredo plant for the manufacture of chemical products for the melting industry, either ferrous and not, giving immediately wide space to innovation. In this period there were the first dawhterm plant for oily and resinous binders; the pre-coating of sand and the construction, with the associated firm MECC-GG Srl, of core blowers with hot boxes according to the Croning or shell-moulding procedure;the exploitation of the pelleted-pitch in the moulding in half-dry and developments of starchy additives for synthetic earths.

In the Seventies the Company was consolidated, expanding its action to the whole national territory, and it arranged a program of development based on the search and the start of technical collaborations with the main foreign Companies of the field. It mooved the metallurgical sector in the new plant of Pregnana Milanese, and took part actively to technologically advanced realizations.

Some examples: the application of the lithium in the cuprous metallurgy; the new deoxidizing alloys with alkaline-earthy elements and rare earths; the separation by chemical way and ionic exchange of rare earths; the construction in Brazil of the first closed circuit electrolytic cell for the mischmetal production.

With the above mentioned international collaborations, become more and more wide and prestigious, FACI SRL promoted and supported the realization in France of the first plant for the inoculants production and other corrective alloys for the foundry. It’s now also present in the diversifications of the spheroidal alloys iron-silicon-magnesium based; in the production and application of steel rare earths alloys; in the development of the gasmetallurgy and other technologies of primary practical interest.

FACI EUROPE SPA represents the convergence of different partners in a plan of mutual work, its consequent strategy is applied toward the displacement of production in specialized units of the single field, with the clause of the, so called, “open production” to controls of our technicians or delegated technical Organs. This philosophy aiming to strengthen, even before the commercial subjects, the quality aspects, was and remains also the base of the obtained mandates.

Thanks to this principle followed with precise determination, FACI EUROPE SPA boasts today commercial relationships and of technical exchange, in exclusive line, with partners of remarkable prestige.

From this net of relationships and from our over forty-years experience in the field of steelworks, foundries of ferrous and not ferrous alloys, FACI EUROPE SPA is constantly in a position of introducing on the market a line of modern products and according to requirements of quality service.

Major contribution to the Company were technical knowledges, industry experiences and dedication to the work of dr. Rinaldo Cattaneo, unfortunately deceased December 17th 2010. His studies and his Patents are a vital part and parcel of the FACI EUROPE SPA.

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